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Tron Flynn's Lightcycle paper craft model

tron flynn lightcycle paper craft model

comic-con 2010 is almost over.. if you did not get to attend then this paper craft is for you. above is a neat Tron Lightcycle model thanks to the creator Jan Rukr.

 link for the model archive in rar format:

paper model difficulty: medium to nasty
number of pages: 4


Kin said...

Hi there 3D,

I really amazed by the computer technology which can do all the wonderfull things & realitic 3D images that beyond our imagination.
I certainly love the 1st movie in the 80's and the 2nd even better.

Thanks for sharing the TRON 3D motorbike.


Faith said...

neat! looks real!

Pa Ul said...

Wow, this piece is so nice.

Pa Ul said...

great piece

Toy Scene said...

No matter what the others, I loved the original Tron better. I do love this cool papercraft though. Thanks for sharing.

Jooley said...

More tron please! :3