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sleek paper model iPad

latest from Apple?


a blown up ipod touch/iphone from Apple with a funny name.
 nonetheless, a great gadget and a must have. so while waiting for the release date of iPad by end of March 2010, we just have to make do with this awesome and easy paper model of an iPad from cubeecraft.

paper model difficulty: easy
number of pages: 1


Kirhat said...

This is an interesting project. I'll see if my son like to do this as well.

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Skipper Lee Yin Pin said...

Hi there - nice models there.

I'm interested if you can come up with a Canon 550D paper model *wink*

Sure, it'll be really really hard, but at least it's something awesome!

Anonymous said...

Haha that's really cute! Although I don't fully understand the function of the iPad. Too much technology to keep track of!