Tron Flynn's Lightcycle paper craft model

tron flynn lightcycle paper craft model

comic-con 2010 is almost over.. if you did not get to attend then this paper craft is for you. above is a neat Tron Lightcycle model thanks to the creator Jan Rukr.

sleek paper model iPad

latest from Apple?


a blown up ipod touch/iphone from Apple with a funny name.


First post for 2010 and it's already February!

Spent the holidays at Manila, then came the Sinulog celebration here in Cebu and now 2 more weeks to go and it's Valentines day. The cliche time flies really is true.

2009 was a busy year and i got to say an expensive one for me. lol. I just started this diecast hobby which kinda affected my spending budget.

My partner is a little jealous of my hobby. She thinks that i'm spending a lot more on my little cars than her.

Now i have to make it up to her again just like last year. Got to plan for the coming Feb 14th as early as the first week of February as flowers will be on demand this coming weeks. Most of the time I had flowers delivered at her office. Then yesterday, while rummaging through her things she found those little cards I put on the bouquets. Her showing them to me is a pretty obvious indicator that I should be preparing. Must have my cash advance ready before Feb 14th. It will be more than enough to ease up my budget for a stunning dozen roses and a trip to Canigao Island at Matalom, Leyte.
Two days at Canigao Island will match up with the road trip we had down Southern Cebu on last year's Valentines weekend. PAGASA predicted an early summer this year so throwing in a beach trip is sweet!