cubeecraft paper cutout 2009 calendar | 3d paper models and crafts

cubeecraft paper cutout 2009 calendar

just bought the FHM january edition with free calendar? for those who haven't, save you're money! this is a perfect calendar for your paper craft work table. and as for all cubeecrafts.. no glue needed.


paper model difficulty: easy
number of pages: 2


Anonymous said...

i printed this one and will try it out.. think its gonna be cute :)

yayix said...

@iva: good for you!


Super! I don't think that I have the patience for this, but the models look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing skills and arts. I will visit this site as often!


yayix said...

yeah. there are many paper craft gurus out there giving it out for FREE.

you should get into paper crafts..

Anonymous said...

Love the idea. will have to print it out and try it. Thanks for the post.