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mask hoody paper toy requests

i've been receiving lots of requests lately for various paper crafts. some paper craft makers like shin tanaka tend to put a download deadline on their (or contributors) works. next time please try to download them as soon as possible! credits and thanks to the designers.

here are some of the mask hoody lineup i've managed to save..

all files are in pdf. enjoy!

hoody 1 :
hoody 2 :
hoody 3 :
hoody 4:
hoody 5 :
hoody 6 :
hoody 7 :
hoody 8 :

difficulty: easy


Anonymous said...

by any chance you you have shin tanaka's gritty and t-boys series too?

thanks !

Charles said...

Nice list. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...


I have downloaded all the awesome links and acts in front of my kid. Just amazing....Simply marvelous!

yayix said...


glad to hear that! :)

it's a sad thing i wasn't able to save all the mask hoody series.. tsk.

blakewest said...

Thanks so much for posting these. I just discovered Shin's amazing toys, so it's nice to be able to build 'em.

Marc said...

Have you more of Shin Tanaka, his papercrafts are so cool...
Can you upload them?