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paper models fold techniques guide for newbies

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i am such a noob. not that i'm complaining but i've spent more than 12 hours on the wrc 2006 front grill alone. that's because i don't know the difference between the two basic folds! not that it's my fault, can't read hiragana or kanji plus the pdf pattern has the japanese characters embedded on it, reason why i can't select-copy the words and have it translated. here's the legend:

subaru impreza wrc 2006 papercraft how to fold

after hours of googling i finally found the meaning of 谷折り which means "valley fold" by or "valley snapping" by babelfish (what the heck is snapping anyway??) finally i decided, googles' translation is better.

now i'm left with 山折り to translate.. if means "valley" and 折り means "fold" (just guessing) what's the antonym or reverse of "valley"? so i translated the words "hill" and "mountain". "hill" is and "mountain" is . am i genius or what?? haha!!

japanese to english:
谷折り - valley fold
山折り - mountain fold

searching again, i found out about the basic folds in Origami. cool. now i can fold those mind boggling/puzzling cut-outs again.

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