paper crafts, paper models, paper cut-outs | 3d paper models and crafts

paper crafts, paper models, paper cut-outs

i'd like to share my latest hobby -- paper crafts/paper models/paper cut-outs.

must haves (required):
+ precision knife
+ scissors
+ paper or box cutters
+ glue - elmers glue is ok
+ printer
+ ruler
+ tweezers - for folding
+ empty ballpen - used for making neat the empty ballpen thru a fold mark for easy folding (nice trick btw)
+ paper (light to heavy type) - if you like japanese cutouts (like me) better buy A4 standard size since most patterns are in A4. word of advice -- make sure when printing the patterns not to use the "fit to margins" settings or anything similar, use "none" instead to print the actual pattern size.
+ cutting mat or in my case i just use a thick paper folder.
+ roller - look for any cylindrical plastic tube like the plastic from cotton buds, which you can use for rolling a cylinder.

+ air brush - haven't done any project yet with paint since i always print in color
+ paint brush
+ glue gun
+ thin double sided tapes
+ paper clips - used for holding two edges together
+ markers
+ sticker paper - used for printing sticker cutouts i.e. car stickers/vinyls
+ aluminum foil - you can put small amount of glue in the foil for easy applying of glue

here are some links i came across while "googling" to get me started. they are absolutely free so feel free to download and print.

for beginners:
+ i like subaru

5/10 difficulty (7/10 for beginners like me):
+ more impreza, f15 etc..

latest project of mine is the impreza 2006. see photo below:

subaru wrc 2006 impreza finished paper craft photo

others, with varying degree of difficulty:
+ yamaha TMAX - comes with english instructions, separate color and white versions.
+ check out this taiwanese 3D paper model site. they have a wide range of categories i.e. robots, weapons to furnitures.

enjoy! i'll post pics later - excited with my subaru impreza ;)

note: this post is taken from my other blog site everyday [un] happenings.


Unknown said...

Hi. I am student of architecture and I am designing models. In my country (Croatia) there is no any good store for cartons/papers. I am interesting specialy for cartons 0.10mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm... and rising by 0.10mm of each carton until it reaches a thicknes of 2mm. After 2.00mm i need 2.50mm 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm and finaly 5.00mm. Pleeeease help me because I really canot find it (or i dont know where to find it) It is dificult because all factories put on the internet paper by weight but not by thickness. My email is Thanks in advance. I like Honda (as model and as car) My PRECIOUS is Citroen C6. Cheers!

yayix said...

you should subscribe to this Papermodel google group then ask the "gurus" there where to score the cartons/papers you need.. im sure they can help you :)