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nascar #48 jimmy johnson v2006 paper model

free download nascar 48 jimmy johnson 2006 paper model carin response to the visitors who took their time to vote on the current poll "TELL ME YOUR PAPER MODEL REQUEST" i went out of my way (again) to scourge the net of car paper models.

keep the requests going guys and if you have something on your mind aside from the options i listed feel free to comment or leave a message.

going back to our subject, i recommend this high detailed jimmy johnson #48 version 2006 nascar paper model for your next project.

paper model difficulty: nasty
number of pages: 9
vinyl cdr file for cutter plotter: 1 sheet
winner circle: 1 sheet

different kinds of printing papers and materials are needed for the 9 sheets cut-outs. 5 matte paper, 2 glossy paper, 1 ohp / transparencies paper. that's only 8 sheets.. the last sheet in the archive uses among other things wood skewers, wire insulations, textile tape for the front grill, metal filter, wires and a steel stick. dimensions and number of pieces are also indicated in the last sheet. as for the cdr file, the site did not mention on what paper to print on so you can use a sticker paper since the image has no tabs to glue on. there is also a sheet for the winner circle car stand! here's a preview of the last sheet.
rather interesting project since using other materials aside from paper and transparencies is pretty much new to me.

many thanks to the nascar paper model guys for providing us with this free pretty engaging 1:18 scale model. download page at

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