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mini cooper regular and siku tomica
65 chevy impala hotwheels
anglia panel truck hotwheels
evil twin hotwheels by larry wood
greased lightnin rod squadron hotwheels

on hibernation mode with papercrafts.

reason? i found a new poison -- diecast cars!

been collecting since July. now, i have 200 cars (rough estimate).

approx 200 and that's just in a span of 2 months which is not bad for die(hard)cast collectors.. but for noobs that's pretty much devastating on the budget side. lol.

i guess there's no price for the satisfaction and happiness -- nothing beats the feeling of excitement while reaping open a hard-to-find car!

those not into collecting won't understand. this is all blah-blah.

please be patient and wait for my next papercraft posting.


AVCr8teur said...

You now have an endless hobby.

Redline Derby said...

Welcome to the best cheap hobby ever! Whenever I think I have too many Hot Wheels I remind myself (and my wife) that they're only a $1 and that I could have a far more expensive hobby.

And 200 in a couple months is a ton, if you ask me. I've been collecting for almost 10 years and I barely have 500. But I don't consider myself hardcore either. I'm not at Walmart at 7a to search for new cars. I only collect the cars I like - which are mostly muscle cars and exotics.

Of course, recently since I started racing cars my shopping habits have changed quite a bit. It's not only about style now, it's about speed!

Whatever you do, don't just let them sit on a shelf. Play with them...that's what they're for. :) And if you're of the mind, take them apart and customize them. Make that car you always wanted but never had.

Hot Wheels are fun, and like you said, happiness and fun is certainly worth the dollar.

Jovet's Garage said...

Welcome to die-cast car world!!! Yes, it's very costly to maintain a collection but always remember that focus is the key. You've got to learn how to limit yourself. Good luck and hope we can help each other in this hobby. =)

yayix said...

@AVCr8teur, Redline Derby & Jovet's Garage:

thanks guys!

Lucky Lady said...

I collected hot wheels for several years and then sold most of them it was so much fun