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Bamboo Blade - Tamaki Kawazoe

Bamboo Blade Tamaki Kawazoe

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Tamaki Kawazoe is a first year high school student who is nicknamed "Tama-chan" for short. Despite being a kendo prodigy, she does not see it as a hobby, but rather just as a chore honed at her home, which happens to be a kendo dojo led by her father. She refuses to join the school's Kendo Club because she thinks it is unnecessary, but temporarily becomes a member in order to fight off a bully. She despises injustice due to her overdeveloped sense of righteousness and fair play inspired from watching tokusatsu (Her favorite being Blade Braver, a show within a show) as a child. She remains a big anime and tokusatsu fan despite her age. She is described as being the strength of the group by KojirĊ.

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paper model difficulty: medium
number of pages: 4


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wow! This is just grand. I sens the hot blood (the life) in this paper model. I like indeed your unforgettable work.