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moekami papercraft downloads

check out the papercrafts at moekami here:

click the second link at the right frame - link below "TOP". you need pepakura viewer to print the pdo files.

jam twins mei and mako was just released yesterday. mako has a luggage and floor bonus download. manuals are also provided.

mako body:
mako luggage and floor:

other characters:
+ girls underwear - sitagi with blond and black hair model kits
+ messhe:
+ girls underwear xmas cosplay:

paper model difficulty: medium


Kano said...

Where can I find the download link in

yayix said...

tsk. it's been a long time.. i'll find the links and update this post later. hang on.

thanks for the heads up on the broken links.

Rinka said...

can you find the links please!