ghostbusters ecto 1 by claudio dias | 3d paper models and crafts

ghostbusters ecto 1 by claudio dias

paper toy craft model ghostbusters ecto 1wow. i am now a fan of mr. claudio dias. really like his works. remember ghostbusters? here's his take on ecto 1. so to those who cast their vote for cars and paper toy on our poll this post is for you guys. i left a comment on just to give love to mr. claudio. if you're attentive you'll find it.

paper model difficulty: nasty

number of pages: 7


ecto 1 post:
ecto 1 instructions:
ecto 1 parts:


Unknown said...

Thanks Yayix for the reference!

BTW, nice blog! Keep up your good work!

yayix said...

cool! who else but mr. claudio is in the house.. :)

applause; cheers; claps;

thank you sir for the nice paper crafts!

Anonymous said...

Who you going to call? Ghostbusters!
Cool stuff. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that is an awesome creation.Here via Entrecard.